About Us

These fine Lake County organizations send representatives and have supported our mission over the years. Many thanks for their efforts and energy in making the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force an effective resource in Lake County.

The volunteers that make up the Task Force are key players in Lake County communities. Attempts to develop new leaders to move the Task Force are challenging and often tabled until a mutually agree upon process is identified. Efforts have included coalition sustainability training through the LCHD/CHC, strategic planning sessions, a coalition membership survey regarding effectiveness of leaders and process, and offering free training opportunities (webinars, workshops) to members.

To ensure that the coalition executes selected strategies, the members of the Task Force Leadership Team meet quarterly with committees to review strategies and evaluate processes. Additionally, the entire membership annually revisits the strategic plan to be sure it follows with the logic model. This review process reinforces a shared understanding of the goals, objectives, and strategies of the Task Force and the roles of the membership in advancing them.